Movie Stars


Veronica had her 5 year post-surgery check up today. They did an echo and the patch is still working perfectly! She looks and feels marvelous.

As usual, the most interesting thing about the appointment came after all the doctor stuff was done.

On our way to the car we stopped to look at the giant fish tank in the hallway and got stopped by the hospital’s A/V department to see if we would let them film us for a Mother’s Day video they are doing.

I hadn’t taken any special effort in doing my make up or hair this day so for me this was a “wrong place/wrong time” event, but I still said yes and signed the release form.

They videotaped us pretending to look at the fish for a while. Then they videotaped us looking at each other. Then we looked at the fish. Then we looked at each other. Repeat twelve times and that’s a wrap.

After that we went to a nearby bench to wait for the valet to bring our car around. The A/V team came up to us again and asked if they could shoot us waiting. You may not know this about us yet, but we are very interesting when we wait.

So they videotaped us sitting on a bench for a while. Then they videotaped us looking at each other. Then we sat on the bench. Then we looked at each other.

But that’s not all!

Next they had Veronica pretend her shoe came off and she had to walk over to me with her shoe in her hand so I could put it on and then pat her head lovingly.

So all that to say, we will soon be starring in THE MOST INTERESTING COMMERCIAL IN THE WORLD. 

Following Directions

Circle Ten….Quite Literally.


Her First Showing

Congrats to Veronica for being one of the students selected to have their art displayed at the Wauwatosa School District Art Show! Her piece is titled “Wild Thing” and it’s currently hanging at Mayfair Mall on the 2nd floor of Barnes and Noble (near the escalators) until the end of March. Go look!

She’s SIX


An Oopsies on the School Playground


No stitches, no concussion, no nothin’ except a whole lot of hamming it up for the camera.


Still Stinky After All These Years

Back in the old days, when William was two months old, I made a blog post with a really cute picture of William and Veronica together. They were laying on the bed together and William had just let a big one rip. Veronica was holding her nose. Oh here, just look at the picture:


Fast forward to today. I was talking to William about what life was like when he was a tiny baby and I started showing him these pictures. Well the stinky one grabbed his attention immediately and Veronica came over to see what was going on. Then those two put their heads together and decided to recreate the picture. They ran to their bedroom and got on the same bedspread as the first picture. Veronica held her nose. And William….well, he really did try to recreate the picture, as you can see from the concentration on his face:



School Girl

Something I’ve got to change before it gets to be a problem: 


Finding it easier to get Veronica dressed for school while she plays video games in the morning than fighting her each step of the way. 



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