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Now That’s What I Call Talent

bbq 024

She’s come a long way from her first circle.


10 Things You Should Know About Veronica

1.Her favorite food is tacos.
2.Her favorite zoo attraction is the fish & reptile house.
3.She walks on her tippytoes a lot.
4.She still eats rocks, chalk and crayons.
5.She can spot a binky from 80 feet away.
6.Her favorite playground activity is the swing.
7.Her favorite shape is a circle.
8.She still gets excited every time she sees our cat.
9.Her favorite letter is P.
10.She still loves her mommy more than anything else in the world.


Shoes and All

mycam 007

Last weekend we filled the pool but the weather turned and was too cool to put her in. Veronica thought otherwise. She climbed in the pool and sat for quite a while, then told us she was giving herself a bath.

And Matt


It was great having Veronica’s uncle in town for the last few weeks. We practiced saying Matt a lot before he got here and now it’s stuck as one of her main vocabulary words. ¬†We practiced “mommy, daddy, and Matt.” So now any guy that isn’t daddy must be Matt. But not just Matt. It’s “And Matt”.

I took her to a garage sale last weekend and as a man passed us on the sidewalk she looked up at him, stuck out her pointer finger and said “And Matt!”

Come back soon And Matt!

Arts and Crafts

turnerfest09 022

This beautiful birdhouse was a rare moment of artistry as Veronica usually approaches her art from a deconstructive point of view.

It’s a Two Step Process

Step One:


Step Two:



turnerfest09 009

Please note before booking: all events will have The Itsy Bitsy Spider played on a continuous loop.

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