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Getting a Steroid Treatment for Cradle Cap

Yes I did this to my child and yes I posted it on the internet and yes I will be the mom who pulls it out at prom to show his girlfriend.


Thanksgiving Pictures 2010

So much to update you on!

William has learned how to roll over and how to laugh. (His sister is the only one he finds funny. ) At his last doctor visit he checked in at the 90th percentile for both height and weight. He’s doing great and we’ve been given the go ahead to move up to two meals a day to help satisfy his never ending appetite.

Veronica is gaining social skills. This weekend we sat down to dinner and she turned to me and asked, “so how was your day?”

I’m waiting on my new camera to arrive so until then you can enjoy these pictures from Thanksgiving, courtesy of Aunt Sarah and Uncle Aaron.





Tough Guys

If these two (William and his buddy Nathan) keep growing at this rate, they’re gonna collect a lot of milk money from your kids at school.

[Also note how there’s a heierarchy even in their big boy gang–it’s good to be the biggest boy on the block]

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