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Giving Baby What She Wants

Just kidding!



A roundup of goofy pics.

Big Girl

This baby girl weighs SEVENTEEN POUNDS. We really should be able to stop doing weight checks because as you can tell by her tum-tum she is not having any trouble gaining weight. And she continues to be taller than 90% of girls her age, making me the best parent ever. She also looks cute in jammies:

Being serious about bedtime:

Getting her medicine:

Having a Friend Over to Play

Cool kids.

One dials while the other asks “is your refrigerator running?”

Discovering Pandora’s Box.

Spring Chickens

Congratulations to Veronica’s dad for getting older today. Welcome to a lifetime of World’s Greatest Dad gifts.

Prank Calls

Her eyes are bigger than her stomach.

And apparently her mouth is too.


Playing house is for babies; Veronica likes to play CEO instead.

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