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Winter Sports

We went sledding this weekend.  One of us didn’t have as much fun as the others.



It’s Been a While

Camera is on its way. In the meantime, here’s our little Bubba by way of the camera phone. 7 months old now!

Experiencing deja vu?

(yeah, that’s a different child)

Two Teeth Turner

If all he wanted by the time he turned 7 months old was his two front teeth, his wish came true.

This is Getting Ridiculous

It’s been pretty quiet around here. That’s not just because I’ve been really busy but also because my camera broke AGAIN. I’m a fan of the Canon powershot’s picture quality but after the third time one breaks, they are dead to me.  So, no camera around here, which means the kids have stopped doing anything cute.

William is working on more teeth and Veronica is obsessed with toast. She gets upset when the butter melts. She thinks it’s an excuse to put more butter on. I can’t argue with that.

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