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Did She or Didn’t She?

I think she said mama this weekend!

I left the room and she cried out after me, “mama!” 

A certain parent who was not there to hear it is finding it hard to believe.


Karate Chop Veej

Don’t get between a girl and her binky.

Another Milestone Checked Off

She got her first finger food into her mouth all by herself last night! We had been placing them in her mouth for her and I was getting concerned that we’d be spending our lunch hour driving to her junior high to put bits of tunafish sandwiches in her mouth for her. But it looks like she might be able to feed herself some day.

(Also she gets hulksmash angry if you don’t feed her fast enough. That might get awkward in junior high.)


 Inside that brain, the wheels are turning.

Now that she has procured the device, how will she accomplish her next step?

She whips up a blueprint in her mind and puts the secret plan into action.

Covert Operation is under way. No one will ever suspect what she’s about to do.

SURPRISE! Bet you didn’t see that coming!

If You’re Happy and You Know It, Then Your Face Will Surely Show It

When I was pregnant, I wondered what my child would look like.

Would she have her father’s eyes? Her mother’s nose? Surely she would be smart enough to pick and choose the best features from both of us.

 I thought to myself of how adorable she would be and what she would look like when she was really, truly happy: smiling, crinkling her nose, unable to hold back the laughter and joy.

But I never quite imagined THIS would be that face.

Getting Down with the Dishwasher

She likes what she sees.

(and apologies for the baby talk voice. It’s another one of those things you think you’ll never do…)


I got my self-help books from the library, took notes and set a plan. Last night was going to be night #1 for sleep training. I set myself up to be strong-willed against her cries and not rush into her room every time her binky fell out of her mouth. I decided that a good night’s sleep is better for her than getting a hug from mommy every ten minutes (she disagrees). 

And so when night-time fell I did the opposite of what I would usually do. Instead of trying to keep her up longer to make her sleepier, I followed the book’s plan, and started putting her to bed BEFORE she even said she was tired. It was crazy and I wondered if I was setting myself up for three hours of protest in the crib.

She took her bath, chewed on some books, ate a bottle, and then I put her in her crib awake. You know what she did?


And slept. And slept.


Every once in a while she woke up and cried out for a second but then went right back to sleep. I didn’t go in her room once. Except at 4am when I went in and gave her a bottle and then put her right back in bed. And then she slept again until 6:45. That’s the latest she has ever slept. The longest night of uninterrupted sleep. And she woke up happy!

(I’m considering it a fluke and planning on starting night #1 of sleep training all over again tonight.)

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