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It’s On

Surgery is scheduled!

November 2nd, 8am.  She’s the first patient of the month. Overachiever much?

And here is her surgeon:


Gloop and Gleep

What a perfect fall night. A cool breeze rustling the leaves outside, candles lit around the house; it was just the type of night where you want to cozy up on the couch and watch Herculoids on the ipod.

relist 003

Let the Spoiling Begin

We finally have some answers regarding Veronica’s surgery. We’re home from her cardiologist visit this morning. She had another echo done which revealed the possibility that even when this surgery is done, she’s still going to have a murmur due to some chording in her heart. The good news is it will be an innocent murmur, the kind that 4 out of 10 kids in her class will have.

He wants to schedule surgery in the next 6 weeks. I asked if we could do it after Halloween so we narrowed it down to the last week of October or first week of November. I’ll post when I know the exact date.

We will meet with one of his nurses to go over the emotional part, to be prepared for what she’s going to look like with a myriad of tubes and IVs in her tiny body. Then we’ll meet with the surgeon two or three days before the actual surgery. It will take place at Children’s Hospital. We even have a surgeon appointed already.

The surgery will probably last 5 hours. She’ll be in the hospital 4 days. Children recover so fast from this surgery that he thinks by the time she leaves the hospital she will be back to her normal self. No recuperation time really needed at home except for being gentle. Meaning no jumping off couches or tumbling.  And no picking her up under the arms.

So for the next month she’s going to get a lot of spoiling, which mostly means having her binky 24/7 and spending plenty of time with public enemies #1 and #2.





The Big Adventure

I’ll admit it: I was skeptical.

I was sure that as soon as she got on, she would want to get off. I knew tears would spill down her cheeks and she’d need a mommy’s arms to comfort her. We watched other kids attempt it, and they gave us hope that it could be done. And so we stepped forward with our ticket and climbed aboard, kleenex at the ready.

My daughter took her very first pony ride. And loved it.

nanashouse 029

She may have even cracked a smile.

Happy 1st Day of Fall

Veronica spent the weekend with Nana and Kabbah (her names for my mom and dad) and they took her to pick out her first fall pumpkin.

nanashouse 048

Her favorite activity was counting the pumpkins. At last count, there were ten.

nanashouse 049

nanashouse 052

She picked out a Veronica-sized pumpkin. (What she does with it at home is another blog post entirely…to come later this week.)

nanashouse 067

Then she had to push the cart home all by herself.

nanashouse 073

20 Months

Veronica turned 20 months earlier this week. We went to the doctor this week for her 18 month check up. (Running a bit behind as you can see).

She got a good bill of health and even blessed me with getting to change a dirty diaper while we were visiting with the doctor. What a sweetie.

Still tall as ever (85th percentile in height), still a lean, mean, eating machine (35th percentile in weight).

Her diner is still doing well with the regulars, though she could always use a few new customers. Raw potato, anyone?

mohawk 009

Saying Cheese

This picture is from a while ago but since it’s been so long since I posted and I’m about to get 4 angry phone calls from grandparents, I figured I’d better post it in hopes that the cute factor will buy me some more time.


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