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Getting Pruney

Kicking and splashing in the tub > kicking and screaming in the tub.

You’ve come a long way, baby.


Ho Hum Doldrums of the Bouncy Seat

It starts out all smiles.

Next she becomes perplexed by the sounds and sights.

And eventually, boredom sets in.

Busy Girl

Veronica had a whirlwind weekend. First she went to a Wii Mario Party hosted by her good friend Sawyer. She decided she was having so much fun that she should turn the night into a slumber party. No sleep for anyone that night! Fun fun fun.

Then the next morning she donated some of her time to teaching Aunt Stacy how to read.

And she got to meet her cousin Alex for the first time! She was a little upset that he upstaged her in the cute department but they are working out a contract negotiation to do 50/50 spotlight.

“Darth Vader is His FATHER?!”

Time for a Change of Scenery?

As you can tell, we spend a lot of time on the playmat.

Tuckered Out

You know it’s time for bed when she passes out halfway through a diaper change.

Action Shot

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