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This Is a Picture of a Baby Passing Gas

I don’t know why babies smile when they have gas but sometimes it’s worth it just to see that little half smile.


Sure Would Be Nice

If only a child’s cuteness could be in direct proportion to how easy or difficult they are going to be for a mother who is consistently getting four hours of sleep.

These Two Belong Together

Can you tell which is which?

Swaddle Siblings

Can’t swaddle one without the other.

Skipped A Step

Meant to put this post up a few weeks ago before a certain someone decided to make their way into the world…

Veronica was so excited about her bath that she heard the water running and jumped in before she remembered she had skipped an essential part of taking a bath: removing her clothes.

Our Family of Four

Little Wiggler Number 2 is here!

He came a bit early at 38 and a half weeks. We got to endure 12 hours of painful labor in a triage room together before having a c-section.

His big sister adores him. She loves giving him kisses and counting his toes. When I checked there were 10, but she only counts 7.

Right now he’s cute and sweet and cuddly but I bet in 2 weeks when the demands begin, my adjectives to describe him are gonna change a lot.

What She Did On Her Summer Vacation

Got escorted around the grounds on a jeep. Here she is waiting patiently for her driver to finish his break.

She even got to hold a paddle on her canoe ride and didn’t drop it in the lake (to the surprise of everyone).

made some new art for the MOMA.

Churned some ice cream (which was delicious!)

Got this close to going on the slip n slide. Next year she may actually ride it. This year was all about tiptoeing close to it and then squealing about how cold the water was.

Took a tractor ride (that ended in tears).

Went for a hike with daddy on Mosquito Bite Trail.

And when all other forms of entertainment failed, there were always games to be played on the iPad.

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