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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

You’d just better pray this doesn’t show up at your door tonight for trick or treat.


This Week in Pictures

Veronica decided a sitting duck is as good a target as any when it comes to throwing leaves.
The dress up box has been offering up lots of costume ideas. Veronica came up with this one.
Bubba saw the dermatologist about his skin and he looked so cute in his gown that everyone who saw him couldn’t help but smile.

Catching Up

What have we been up to? Hiking, coloring, walking to the zoo, and brushing our teeth at night. (that was Veronica’s contribution).

Veronica took a tumble headfirst into the curb when she jumped into a pile of leaves and got a big fat lip. She’s all better now but it was pretty funny to hear her try to talk for a while!

She also got a great report from the dentist. Her teeth are perfectly formed since getting rid of the binky and she once again has no cavities. Yay! For a reward she was given two stickers which she plastered on her leg and refused to take off until they disintegrated into this.

William got seconds on chocolate ice cream at his friend Jackson’s birthday party.

Veronica found a hawk feather on her latest hiking trip.

Bubba went along for the ride.

Never Double Dog Dare a Toddler

You think he’s bluffing? Yeah I thought so too. Until I had to call the train conductor to climb over on the other side of the track to retrieve his binky.

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