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He’s Allergic to Peanut Butter


This was us on the day we got Bubba tested for peanuts.

And this is us now:



We got his results today. He is highly allergic to peanuts. They want us to not keep any peanut butter in the house and we are also supposed to avoid tree nuts (walnuts, almonds, etc.) just to make sure there is no cross contamination. We have a list of ingredients we have to look for when buying things. This is going to be so annoying! We have to take him in once a year to test his levels and cross our fingers that some day he grows out of it. For me the biggest fear is going to be forgetting the epi pen everywhere I go. They did give me a recommendation on sun nut butter as a peanut butter replacement and I’d love to hear any other ideas people have on food alternatives. 

If you are ever babysitting for us please remind me to show you how to locate and use the epi pen (it’s very easy, nothing to fear). And if you are ever cooking for him, I’ll need to make sure none of those hidden peanut ingredients are in there. I’ll send a list to friends and family who feed us from time to time so you’ll have it on hand 🙂

The bright spot in this is that they suggested that this might be the reason for why his skin is so bad. Maybe once we remove all exposure his eczema and hives and rashes will clear up. We could use that right about now!


Fingers. Yum.


I wanted to take a picture of how cute it was that he was holding George while watching George on TV. But the camera tells a different story. A story of two children with fingers in their mouths. 

The Last Teethtation

We are suffering. Every single one of us is feeling the pain of William getting in his last few teeth before he gets his molars. The poor boy is in so much pain. AND HE’S TAKING IT OUT ON US.

World’s Cutest Troublemaker Causes Drama Again

This is the face of a peanut butter allergy. Or at least I think it is. Can’t say officially until he is tested.
But tonight at dinner he was eating (if you can call what he does to food “eating”) peanut butter and he started rubbing his eye. At first I thought he was tired. But he kept doing it. Then I thought he had an eyelash in his eye. A few minutes later his eye started to swell and a rash became exposed on his face from his eye down to his mouth. Good thing we are pretty handy with the benadryl around here and I gave him a dose, then called the pedi who said to give it 30 minutes before going to the ER. Thankfully the benadryl kicked in and he recovered in that time. He’s eaten peanut butter before and I’ve never noticed a reaction so I’m confused. But definitely not giving him any more peanut butter until we get this tested. We were at the allergist last week for other food testing (all negative) and of course we ruled out peanut butter and didn’t even test him for it. Kicking myself for that one!

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