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Owie of the Week

My little man got a bubba-boo-boo this week. He got his finger smashed in the back door of the house and riiiiiip went his fingernail. We ended up in the ER for five hours and after some x-rays and several consults with different tiers of doctors, we finally got the word from the head doctor on duty that he felt the fingernail was completely torn out of the nail bed and would not grow back. So they sutured the nail back in place and bandaged him up. We’ll see the pediatrician tomorrow to make sure it’s healing right. He is handling it like a champ! Future navy seal here!


Christmas part deux



I know I’ve been MIA but instead of wasting time on apologizing for that, I’ll just start putting up pics. Really, really ridiculously cute ones.


The Two Cutest Boys In The World


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