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I Have a Toddler

You know your baby has become a toddler when…

  • she reaches up on tippytoes to spill a can of coke you thought you left in the middle of the table
  • while you run to get paper towels she sits in the middle of the puddle she just made and splashes with great cheer
  • while you throw away the paper towels , she grabs a stick of softened butter and squeezes it onto the floor (to the great delight of the cat).
  • This all takes place five minutes before you are supposed to walk out the door.

That is when you know.



Things may have been quiet on the blog lately but they haven’t been quiet in the house! Some updates from the week:


  • She has been making friends all throughout the neighborhood. One of her favorite new friends is a 3 year old boy who lives across the street. He’s so good with her we are already lining him up for babysitting jobs.
  • A huge portion of her diet now is dirt, grass and ants. She loves to be outside and she loves to eat whatever she finds.  The next time you pick her up you may hear rocks rolling around in her belly.
  • She likes to hold a sock when she goes to sleep. That was a daddy discovery.
  • Her mullet is coming along nicely.
  • Her new teeth are in and she is back to sleeping through the night.
  • She went to get blood drawn and the nurse couldn’t find a vein so after many repeated attempts we had to give up and go home. I felt worse for the nurse than I did for Veronica.
  • Grandma T and Grandpa D both pulled in babysitting duty this last week and Veronica LOVED it.  And so did we! Thanks!



The Crayola Kid

Ever wondered what happens when you eat black crayon?


The Kids Table


Last night proved that Veronica has officially graduated from high chair to member of the Kid’s Table at family gatherings. Even if the other members of the table don’t exactly want her there.

15 Month Checkup and All Is Well


Still tall, still lean, still a teething machine.

She’s currently getting in five teeth at once. I can’t tell if it’s worse for her or for us.

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