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A Place in the Sun

My mom was in town last week to babysit Lady Veej. We thought it would be a good idea to lay in the sun on one of the afternoons. We had a fabulous five minutes. And then we realized we had traipsed onto the set of Mosquito IV: The Bloodgeoning.

Veronica and I had some disagreements over what the clouds were shaped like.

You can tell here that my mom sorta kinda likes her granddaughter.


Blowing Kisses In The Wind

Wee One’s hair is growing longer. All seven strands of it.

with apologies for using Paula Abdul lyrics in this blog

Another Fashion Don’t.

At least this one is done tongue in cheek.

From Heelarious

(shoes not intended to be walked in, just for laughs. Thankfully!)

Bargain Shopper

Veronica felt we should purchase the Paul Newman salsa. Perhaps it was out of respect for the venerable actor. Perhaps it was because he donates all profits and royalties to charity. But most likely it was to make up for the fact that her mom (with much chagrin) has him as the next to go in her celebrity death pool.

Filler Post Day.

This is how we knew she would have Chris’s ears:

Should have pre-paid for piano lessons the day we saw these fingers:

She sure looks a lot cuter now!

Food is Fun

Veej had a serious appetite decrease the last 2 weeks so I took her in for a weight check. She didn’t do so great. So we decided to try something different to see if it would kickstart her interest in eating again. And boy did it work! Apparently she hasn’t been eating very much because she’s been holding out for the real thing.

She felt she was ready to hold the bowl herself but we thought it might be best to let her work up to that.

She looks unsure of what’s going on, but she was a pretty good chomper.

Despite the skeptical face, she was definitely loving that she got to eat like a big girl.

And we learned that this is when bibs come in handy.

Take Your Daughter to Work Day

I’ve been very busy at work so I decided to train a new assistant.

First she did some light filing, though we did have to go over the alphabet a few times more than her resume indicated she would need.

She wrote a few notes to herself:

She sent out a few emails:

Told off a few telemarketers:

And she was very adamant about getting her two 15 minute breaks:

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