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And The Beat Goes On

Just saw the cardiologist. Veronica is doing great. So great that we are not going to do the surgery this spring! Since she is continuing to do so well, he now wants to wait until she is 25 pounds. At that weight she will be able to have a bra line surgery, meaning the scar would be at the base of the bra.  No visible scar, even with the skimpiest of bathing suits. (Which she would never wear. Ever.)

She is 20.7 pounds right now so she probably wouldn’t reach that weight until fall. We will check in with the cardiologist again in April.


One Small Step for the Veej

We’ve been saying “she’s going to be walking any day now” for about three months.   

Then, two days ago, she stood up on her own for the first time. No clinging to the coffee table, no leaning on the armchair. And now she has taken her very first step! It was one step and it was tiny. But it was a step absolutely, all on her own, with no assistance from anything. I’ll be getting out the video camera now to have on standby because “she’s going to be walking any day now.”

For real.

A Three Outfit Party

Veronica had her big one year birthday bash this weekend. Who knew a room full of captive adults could turn Little Miss Shy into Little Miss Show-Off?


She took a lot of pride in explaining to the audience how her toys work.


The cake took a while to figure out. But once she got through the frosting and into the chocolate, she knew what to do….(immediately get it stuck in her nostrils)


And then things got out of control.


Really, really out of control.


By her third outfit change of the day she was back to being a happy birthday girl again.


Thanks to everyone for celebrating with us. 

On to year number 2!

Happy Birthday Baby

10:51 on January 15, 2008


10:51 on January 15, 2009




Workin’ Out

She’s still sticking to her New Years resolution of getting at least 15 minutes of movement every day.


She’s Got Something To Say

If you get into a conversation with Veronica anytime soon, you may want to keep it to these topics: