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Clean Bill of Health From The Dentist

No cavities! I shouldn’t be too surprised since noshing on a toothbrush is one of her hobbies. One of her teeth in front is chipped though, probably from the many times she smashed her face into the ground while attempting to ski or ice skate in the living room (we’ve been avid Olympics watchers–she likes ice skating but is scared of bobsledding. She covers her face with her hands until it’s over). Her dentist had heart surgery when he was 12 and they got to compare scars.  Hers was the prettiest.  And just in case you’ve forgotten how absolutely adorable little muffin bear is and you’ve grown frustrated with the lack of pics on this site and wish I’d just shut up already, this one’s for you:


Potty Training Has Turned Into The Potty Tango

A wise woman once said that potty training is one step forward and five steps back. Well we’re currently on our fourth step backward. I’m still clinging to the hope that we’ll get a reprisal of that one glorious day. We’re going to keep trudging forward, mostly because I don’t feel like giving up yet even though she may already have. We’ll see what the next week brings.

We’re off to the dentist this morning for a regular checkup. Some kids don’t go to the dentist till they’re four but since my child subsists on raisins and juice, it makes sense to go in for a regular chiding by the dentist.

Suddenly My Child is Potty Trained

We went to bed Sunday night with a child that was content to sit in her own puddle all day and we woke up to a girl that knows how to use the potty! We had 4 major successes yesterday! By George I think she’s got it. Or at least getting it. She hoarded her stickers. Gorged herself on chocolate candies. We had a VERY GOOD day.

Thank You Card Fail

I’m looking at the calendar and seeing March approaching rather quickly and then I look to the stack of Christmas/ birthday thank you cards sitting on the table that have yet to go out. It’s a big fat fail. The worst part is that a majority of the thank you cards have been done for a month now and they just sit there waiting to be addressed and stamped and walked the twenty feet to the mailbox. And still they sit.

Carrying On

While I wouldn’t say our 3 Day Potty Training attempt was a failure, it definitely wasn’t a success. When a mop and bucket become a permanent fixture in your living room, it’s not a sign that things are going well. But we’re getting there. We’re a few babysteps farther along than we were when we started. So we’re keepin’ on. Now we’re going to attempt Potty Training Boot Camp, which oddly enough does involve a lot of marching.

Results from Potty Training Day One

We are now on Day Two of potty training. Day One was not a success. We went through 15 pairs of undies and had 0 successes. But today is already starting out better so I’m hoping we get 1 success by the end of the day.

Here We Go

We are starting potty training today! She’s not too excited about it but she has been eyeing the candy jar for a long time so she might be willing to do whatever it takes to get into that.

In other news, I started feeling the baby yesterday!

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