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What it’s Like to Love a Gaming Nerd

Caption courtesy of Chuck.


Hide Your Milk Money

Something tells me this tough guy is going to have a lot of apologizing to do when he hits kindergarten.

Take me out to the ballgame

Veronica went to her first baseball game. I don’t think she was aware a baseball game was going on while she was there, but she did enjoy the food.

She did not, however, enjoy the picture taking.

Not at all.

Biggest Weekend of his Life

What a weekend he is having! First his Uncle Matt comes in to town from Miami. Then he gets to go to a birthday party and the next day he has his very own first birthday party!!

Oh by the way, Bubba learned a valuable lesson at his party: fire is HOT. He put his candle out with his fingers!

After icing his fingers he did enjoy his cake.

It’s Bubba’s Birthday!

He’s One!!!!!

Photography by Veronica.


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