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She Knows What She Likes

Veronica was telling the truth when she said she didn’t like ballet. Now that she’s just doing tumbling she loves her class. Usually the parents wait in a different area while the tots are in class but this week I got a sneak preview of what they are doing. I was very impressed. I thought they’d just be running around a room tripping over themselves onto mats. But instead they’re practicing gymnastics on real equipment. She’s learning how to walk on a balance beam, parallel bars, the beginning stages of doing a flip over a bar, etc.  Granted the equipment is six inches off the ground but it’s pretty awesome to see our little olympian doing that stuff.  Of course she refuses to show us anything she has learned…unless she’s in the most dangerous place to do it–on top of her changing table.



I’m starting rice cereal as soon as he turns 4 months. He cries when he sees me eating and reaches in a feeble attempt to grab my plate. This boy wants some real food in that belly.


He does not have the body to pull off horizontal stripes.

Boo At the Zoo

Spoiler Alert: this post contains kids in cute costumes.

PBS has a new Cat in the Hat cartoon and Veronica loves it so picking her costume this year was a no brainer.

Her brother was a bit less enthused about his.

We went to Boo at the Zoo this weekend with some friends. Loved it! Even though it took us an hour and a half to ride the train, it was awesome riding the zoo train at night.

We’re getting a lot of use out of their costumes this year. We’re planning on going trick or treating at the museum plus a few more activities. They are gonna be Halloweened out by the time this week is over!


Passing the Torch

November 1st is D-Day for the binkie. No more excuses. This is it. I’m going to need a good support group because it is going to be a miserable month.


Veronica: Can you hold him while I bite him?

Me: No. You don’t bite anybody.

Veronica: Can I taste him?

Me: No.

Veronica: Can I taste him next week?

Over the River and Through the Woods

I took the kids down to see Nana and Grandpa a few weekends ago and they got the special treat of going to a local farm for some  fall fun.

Veronica loved it. William was, well, a little oblivious.

We went through a maze and when Veronica got frustrated she decided to get creative and crawl under the boards to get out.

Then we saw a pumpkin eating dinosaur. For real. This dinosaur eats pumpkins.

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