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The Sound of “Music”

This weekend we celebrated  Great Grandma & Great Grandpa’s 60th wedding anniversary.  Upon arriving at the party in her sweetest dress, Veronica made a beeline for the piano. She climbed into the chair and started to play with perfect poise.


It looked better than it sounded.


Name Recognition

Veronica’s not gonna have it easy in kindergarten, what with her name having 4 syllables and 8 letters.

Learning how to spell it may prove difficult, but in the meantime she’s working on pronouncing it.

She just started calling herself by her name. Her pronunciation is “rocca”.

She hides in the corner and says “where’d Rocca go?” and then jumps out and laughs.

Baby Got A New Pair of Shoes

Veronica got her first big girl shoes and she loves ’em!

biggirl 003

Happy (belated) Birthday Daddy

Veronica’s daddy got a bit older yesterday.

Last year this is how big she was when he had his birthday:


And this year:

biggirl 001


Veronica and her cousin Joel had a playdate at the Play Gallery last week. We had a great time, though she left  a little worse for wear.
Playing with big kids can be rough on sweet little girls!

gallery 016

gallery 022

You have 50 children in a room clamoring for the latest and greatest toys and my child is the one who nestles in the corner to read a book.

gallery 027

Great works of art were carefully crafted

gallery 036

She fell asleep before we had even driven out of the parking lot.  Beaten up, bruised, and blissfully happy.


“My Drive! My Drive!”

goat 011

When we pull into the driveway she now insists that she gets to drive for a while.

Baby’s First Vacation

We’re back from our first family road trip! Just in case you are ever wondering, the answer is no, Veronica does not sleep in the car. Not on the way there and not on the way back.

She had a blast hanging with her older cousin Alex. They went to the pool and the park and the biggest children’s museum in the universe.

Veronica found a dollhouse and thought it was built just for her, until she found that the accommodations were a bit small:

indy 008

There was a carousel ride (which was declared “fun” even though it was endured with this solemn face the entire time):

indy 012

Then Veronica took an apprenticeship with a great master painter:

indy 016

On the way home, she ordered the vegetable platter for lunch. Her vegetables were macaroni n cheese and mashed potatoes.

indy 033

And then this was our view of our darling daughter for the rest of the trip, and what I can only assume we’ll be seeing for the next sixteen and a half years:

indy 035

Overall I’d say our first family vacation was a success.

Thanks to Alex and his mom and dad for sharing their home and their time and their delicious cooking with us!

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