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Just Checking In

We’re still here!

Breaking the binky addiction was a failure, learning to potty train was a failure, but the big girl bed is a full-on success! She has been in it for 2 weeks now and she still loves it. She’s so cute too because she’ll stay in her bed after naps and in the morning until we go in her room and get her up. Love that!

She saw the cardiologist this week for her 2nd post-surgery checkup. Got an EKG/echo done and she is in great form. He showed me her patch covering the hole on the ultrasound and it looks great. We can wait a whole year before going back!


Big Girl Bed Success

We brought the big girl bed up this weekend. I figured we could just throw the mattress on the floor for the time being and let her get used to having it in her room. We’d have it there for a few weeks, then we could set up the bed and she could move into it when she was ready.

Well she was ready the day we moved the mattress in.

She got very excited to see it, and really who wouldn’t be excited to have a trampoline moved into their bedroom? That’s what she used it as for most of the day. At nighttime I put her in her crib as usual and then she attempted to climb out, as usual. Fortunately she can’t really climb fully out yet, but she gets herself stuck. So I asked her if she wanted to try sleeping in her big girl bed and got a resounding YES!

Mommy & daddy weren’t exactly ready for this to be happening tonight, but it was going to happen. And it went PERFECTLY. I’m sure the newness has already worn off but last night she stayed in bed the entire time, never once getting out.

At least that we know of.

Big Girl Bed Will Be Making its Appearance Soon

It started today. The climbing out of the crib, that is. I put her down for her nap and a few minutes later I heard “get me out! get me out! I’m stuck! open the door!” And then I walked in to see this, only a bit worse (she managed to pull back some during the time it took to grab the camera):

Time to break out the big girl bed!

Out of the Mouth of Babes

I’ve been telling Veronica that she has a baby brother coming and I’ll point to my stomach and tell her that he’s in there right now until he’s ready to meet her. Yesterday Chris asked her if she’s excited that she’s going to have a baby brother. She lifted up her shirt and pointed to her belly button, telling us that that’s where he currently is.

Umi Friend

We’re home again after a long weekend at grandpa’ s house.  And we’re back to square one on potty training because it went out the window on our trip.  When we pulled in the driveway after spending 6 days away, she cried. Not because she was glad to be home, but because she was upset that after our 2 hour drive home she hadn’t arrived back at grandpa’s house.

Favorites this week: alligators, blueberries, and Team Umizoomi

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