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2 is Fun

0-6 Months was rough.

6 Months to 1 year brought light at the end of the tunnel.

1 year to 2 years was the beginning of the good stuff.

And now at 2, she is just plain fun to be around.

Having fun with arts & crafts and giggling over a wacky hair day is not something we could have done before. She is hilarious and sweet and I love the little personality that we see emerging.


Strawberry Cupcakes, Balloons, Oh My!

Veronica had her 2 year appointment with the doc and all is well. It was her first pedi visit since the surgery. Usually you’re supposed to see the pedi 2 weeks after having surgery but due to H1N1 she had to stay away from the doctor’s office for a while. But everything looks great. ¬†She is 35 inches tall and weighs 26 pounds. Cute as a button. (the last part might have been included by me and may not actually be on her chart).

here’s some birthday pics:

and the morning after…

Putting the Stuffed Animals to Bed

I promise you that I did not stage this. I will admit, however, that once I stumbled upon it, I didn’t let her touch it again until I took a picture.

Veronica came to me asking to help her get her pillow out of her crib. I did.

Then a few minutes later she asked me for her blanket. So I got that.

When I checked on her a minute later, I found her huddled over this scene, saying “night-night, sleep tight”:

I Now Have a 2 Year Old

The celebrations have already begun. My baby, my little tiny baby is TWO today.

Hard to believe we started with this:

We started 2009 with a baby and ended with a toddler. A toddler with a distinct personality, a love for chocolate, and a strong distaste for her parent’s singing. Here’s a look at how we got here:

January 2009












Happy Birthday, baby!

Cookie Monster

Veronica got her hands on a cookie that you can draw on with a food coloring marker (the greatest invention ever).


So good in fact that she decided to ditch the cookie and just go directly to the source.

Winter Fun

Chris has taken Veronica sledding on the weekends lately and now she’s gotten to the point where if we bundle her up in her winter gear she gets very excited because she thinks she’s going sledding. It’s very hard to convince a (almost!) 2 year old that no, we’re not going sledding; we’re going to Target and it’s going to be just as fun.

Sneaky or Smart?

We’ve started the binky backdown. She is only allowed to have it in her crib at naptimes & bedtime. She’s done pretty well with this, but sometimes she needs a binky fix. To get around it, she goes in her room, pulls the binky through the crib slat, and then hides behind her towel.

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