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Mama Wiggler’s Birthday

This darling little angel is waiting patiently. For cake.

Pretend you can’t see the numbers.

Also waiting patiently for cake (to drop on the floor).

Master Chemist.


Cool Kids

Potty training and crawling don’t mix. This guy picks up EVERYTHING he sees on the floor. Including the m&m Veronica dropped when she got a potty training reward.

She’s been asking for sunglasses for a long time. She finally got them. Watch out, world.

Heart Check-Up

Veronica saw the cardiologist yesterday for another check up on how her heart is doing post-surgery. Everything was great. There is only a minor issue in that she has developed a small leak around the patch but all that means is that she now has an innocent murmur like every other kid in her class is going to have. Absolutely nothing to worry about. In fact, we don’t have to go back for 3 years! And if that check up looks good, we may not have to go back until she’s in high school! She loved seeing the doctor, probably because they loaded her up with stickers.



Singin’ In The Rain

Contrary to what you would think after seeing these pictures, going outside was HER idea.

Buttered Bread

I let Veronica butter the bread for dinner tonight. She started off with a full stick of butter. When she told me we needed more butter on the third slice, I knew she was a girl after my own heart.


Will had his allergies tested today at Children’s Hospital. He’s allergic to cats!

Worst. News. Ever.

But does it mean we may finally get to make him comfortable so he’s not itchy and watery and eczema-y? Will he finally stop having a cold? Will he actually sleep at night–all night?

I feel so bad for him having to go through life with this allergy, let alone what’s going to have to happen in our household now to get rid of the dander.


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