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He Surprises Me (almost) Every Day

It’s been silent around here and that’s mostly the broken camera’s fault.

Working on that.

In the meantime, I have an almost 5 month old baby who sat up by himself last night! Rolling over is still an unattainable dream for his bouncy belly but he’s able to use his mass to support himself sitting up now.

I don’t blame you if you don’t believe it till you see it.


4 Months Today

Totally lovin’ life.

Binky Free!

I didn’t have much time to write about it before and also didn’t want to jinx myself, but we have now gone one week without binkies!

We have definitely made it through the most difficult part. The first three nights were the hardest with hours of crying. But now she gets it.Sometimes she’ll ask for one but she doesn’t throw a fit when she doesn’t get it.

I’ll admit that I tried everything to get this to work. We traded in her binkies for toys. We convinced her that a baby younger than her needed them more than her.  I snipped the ends off binkies we found around the house after the big trade in. And then the final thing, the thing that really worked and stuck in her head–we gave up her binkies to the binky fairy.  When she found her binkies around the house (because, yes, she did have them hidden) she would bring them to me and ask if we could give it to the fairy. So I’d put it in a little glass jar and we decorated the jar and put it on the porch for the fairy to take.  What really sealed the deal is that the fairy left behind a present in exchange for the binky. (side note: if you email your husband at 4pm to bring home a small trinket from work as a binky fairy present, be very wary of what he will come home with. Let’s just say I didn’t imagine my child would be playing with a Gene Simmons action figure just yet.

Another lesson learned: when your child is on a binky hunt, don’t leave lipstick unattended.

Just A General Announcement

For the last three nights in a row my almost 4 month old son has slept through the night. We’re talking eight hours.  I. Love. Rice. Cereal.


Hungry Man

We started feeding baby boy rice cereal this week. He was a little iffy on the idea the first time but by the third time he was a pro. Loves it. Can’t get enough of it. To the point where he gets mad if we don’t shovel it in fast enough.

I’m starting to see visions of a skyrocketing grocery bill.

Medical Miracle: Twins Born Two and a Half Years Apart


I love crinkly nose Veronica pics.

One Sad Little Girl

Chris reminded me this morning that one year ago today we were going through this:

and now here we are one year later and I can’t even believe that really happened. She has no recollection of being in the hospital (and apparently I’m losing my memory of it too!)

Last night was night #1 without the binkies. First we went to the toy store. She got to trade her binkies in for toys. I wanted to get her a tricycle but when we got to that section she refused the bikes and insisted on getting a skateboard.

We don’t own enough bandaids for the skateboard to happen just yet. So we compromised on a helmet.

For her other toys she chose some dolls. One of them is a terrible doll that talks and dances and will be lucky to make it a week in this house without being smashed to bits. Accidentally of course.

The fun of picking out toys died as soon as she got tucked into bed without a binky. She cried and screamed for two hours and finally passed out from sheer exhaustion.

This morning she told me she doesn’t want to be grown up anymore. She just wants her binkies.

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