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She’s a Busy Bee

fixing the house up

mowing the lawn

watering the trees

Some cute things she’s said lately:

1)Chris showed her how he could flip m&m’s in his mouth so she tried to do it and they all ended up on the floor. She looked around at all the m&m’s on the floor and said “I see a problem here.”

2) She was refusing to take a nap so I told her “you need to lie down and take your nap”. She said “No, YOU take my nap!” (this one was sassy and I had to stifle the laughter until I left the room)

3)We were playing soccer and she ran up to her dad and said “I’m playing soccer with my best friend mommy!”

4)She was popping bubbles and declared “I’m a super popper!”


Birthday Bash

Veronica spent a few days playing with her cousin Joel and we talked a lot about his upcoming birthday party. Mostly how to behave at the party.

We practiced singing Happy Birthday to You and went over how the presents are for Joel, not for her. I was pretty sure we had the party thing down. When the actual event came , she sat there and beamed while everyone sang because she thought they were singing for her, and during the present opening she was right there on the floor trying to get into everything. Well we tried.

Patiently awaiting her turn at Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Joel’s job was to unwrap presents, Veronica’s job was to test them out

forks are for old fogeys

After the cake, there was some construction work in the basement that needed to be firmed up.

She had so much fun that after we left she started in again about how she wants to go to Joel’s birthday party.  I guess our next concept to go over is how birthdays only come once a year…

Enjoying Spring

Jellybean Pizza

There’s a rising star chef in town, and she’s definitely working outside of the box.

After the head chef rolls out the pizza dough and turns around to get the sauce, the sous chef gets to work by making the crust a little more creative and adding a special jellybean surprise.

Then, while making a sandwich, she decides to taste test one of the tomato slices and just to make sure nobody notices the empty spot, she fills it with the entire other half of the tomato.

No doubt about it, when you work with this chef, you keep your camera near at all times.

Taste of Freedom: The End of Naps

You know how I posted about how Veronica always stays in bed and waits for me to come get her up? Well that has changed. She has tasted freedom. Naptime will never be the same again.

I first discovered that she had been galavanting around the room during naptime when I went in to get her up from a nap and there were a bunch of toys on the floor that hadn’t been there when I left. She binky swore that she didn’t do it. Well the next naptime, she started trying to turn the door knob and get out of her room (which thankfully she can’t really do yet).

Fast forward to yesterday. She got to spend the day with her cousin Joel. They played a lot, she squealed a lot, my ears hurt a lot. Seriously, little girl squealing is painful.

When it came time for naptime, they laid down in bed together and nestled in for a cozy nap. I shut the door and waited. A few seconds later I heard Joel whispering, “Veronica, get back in bed! You’re not supposed to be up!”

Veronica: “Mommy’s shoes!” (apparently I left them in there)

Joel: “Get back in bed!”

Veronica: mfhfhfhhfhf (muffled playing and running around the room)

So the napping in the same room lasted about three minutes. If you have a child who blissfully naps in their own bed without getting up and rummaging around the room, be warned: my child is a bad influence.

Driving Miss Dirt

Veronica has a grandma with a garage sale addiction (an addiction I am entirely too happy to encourage) and the latest result of this is my daughter’s first vehicle.

Do I have any pictures of her driving it? No. Because what she likes to do with it is put dirt on it. On it, in it, around it, wherever she can find a place to put dirt, she puts it.

Here she is as a passenger with her 4 year old friend Sal in the driver’s seat. And what is she doing? Sprinkling dirt.

There Is Too Much Candy In My House Right Now

Guess who had cupcakes this weekend?

Here she is in her full Easter get-up. I wanted her to carry a bunny purse but she insisted that she carry her toy robot.

And the hunt begins.

Her unique style was to open each egg as she found it and decide whether she wanted to keep it or put it back.

Eventually the egg hunting gave way to a much more fun activity–watching ants.

Such a fun Easter!

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