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Happy Halloween from the Hive

 Halloween has singlehandedly brought the bee population back in full force.


There Goes The Bumbo

The bumbo is about to throw a retirement party. VJ can get out of it whenever she wants now if she puts her mind to it. Though she’s figured out she can get out faster if she just cries when she’s put in it. Cue pic of her escaping to retrieve a stuffed animal:

We’ve Been Robbed

Little Red Riding Hood broke into our house and has been stealing my cooking magazines to take to Grandma.

Happy HalloVeej

Don’t worry, no candy was ingested in this photoshoot. She’s only interested in the wrappers.

She’s Resourceful

Step One: Push bumbo across kitchen. 

Step 2: Use bumbo as a stepstool to get into recycling bin.

Step 3: needs no explanation

She’s a Carrie

Thanks to a very generous benefactor and some awesome gifts, this child currently owns TWENTY-ONE pairs of shoes.

And one pair of chubby cheeks.

Something Happened When I Wasn’t Looking.

Sure, she looks innocent and sweet from this angle.

But turn your back for a second and all of the sudden, she has HAIR.

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