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Family Portraits

Aunt Lisa and Uncle Kevin opened a Great Clips in Pewaukee and we visited their Grand Opening this weekend. Veronica got a lollipop and a balloon so she was on cloud 9.

As she looked around at the room decor, she noticed three pictures of people she knew.

She pointed to this picture and said, “that’s Uncle Matt!”

“That’s Daddy!”

“That’s Veronica!”

(note that when she saw the pictures again on our computer she once again identified them in the same way. Hehehee.)


Getting the Spa Treatment

William has had some dermatological issues. You name it, he’s got it. The biggest two have been severe cases of cradle cap and eczema. So he’s been getting the spa treatment at home. First he gets a manicure. Then he takes a relaxing warm bath. After that he gets a massage with eczema medication and a full lotion treatment. Then he gets a hairbrush and a scalp treatment for the cradle cap. Then he is swaddled in warm pajamas and given lots of kisses. We top him off with some warm milk to drink before he leaves the spa. Yet somehow after all this, he still finds something to complain about the whole time and never leaves a tip. Some people.


He’s cooing now. We have little conversations. Neither of us make much sense.


Just got back from William’s 2 month doctor appointment and he is now in the 95th% ¬†for height and 90th % for weight. If you see any candy bars stashed in his onesie, please feel free to take them away. Especially caramellos.

2 Months Old Today

It’s hard to believe this stinky baby is two months old today. Time is flying by. Thank God.

Boxing Veronica

Good things really do come in small packages. Loud and whiny things too.

Guy Smiley

William has started hanging out with Jackson Wietzel. They are nine months apart and they’re going to be best friends forever whether they like it or not.

And guess who is smiling now! He’s too quick for the camera but this was his face right before a smile. For now you’ll just have to imagine how cute it was.

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