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Found out today that we might get reimbursed for our $300 copays for synagis! This is such a blessing, especially because she also has to have it from September to April until she is 2 and they will be $600 copays every month at that point. Huge thanks to Bridgette at our pediatrician’s office for being our mediator in this project and looking into resources which reimburse people who have to pay out of pocket for this injection. Love her!




She just found out they made her medicine grape instead of cherry.

Meeting with the Cardiologist

Just got back from our second visit with the cardiologist. He was satisfied with Veronica’s weight gain which is very reassuring to me, as I spend about 4 hours a day feeding her. As long as she continues in the 25th percentile and doesn’t drop, we do not need to supplement her feedings. Her VSD remains the same so she will be going on captopril to try to convince the blood to stop flowing through the hole and to instead go the right way into the body.

Regarding surgery, we are looking at some point this year but as late as possible. If it looked like her hole was going to get better on its own and she could wait a few years it would be a different story but in her case he does not believe it is going to get better. So she is starting on the medicine to see if it will do anything and we’ll just let things go for a few months at which point we will then look at setting a date for surgery. The more months that we can wait, the more mature her brain will be and she will be at less risk when going on the heart-lung machine.

In summation, she’ll be going on medicine now and we’ll be visiting the cardiologist once a month to keep on top of how she is doing. A few months from now we’ll look at making surgery a reality and decide when she will be the most physically mature and capable of handling it.

Update on the Synagis

A lot of people have been working on our behalf to get Veronica this Synagis shot and I am so grateful. I got a call today that our prescription insurance was told to give her at least one shot and they are complying. So as of next week she will be immune to RSV for the month of March and we can breathe easy (ooh, pun, sorry). Not sure what will happen for the other months but every little bit of protection helps.

Because I think everything she does is cute

(God, I’m such a mom.)

6 Weeks Today!


Happy 6 Weekaversary to Grouchy McFussypants. Let the trips to Target begin!

Synagis denied.

Got a call just now that our prescription insurance denied synagis. It sounds like they were given incomplete information though, that they weren’t told she is having heart surgery.

The doctors are trying hard to get us approved and are sending the request through our medical insurance now to see if they will cover it.

If the medical insurance denies it too, the only way to have it covered is to do an appeal process with the prescription insurance. And the best news (this is sarcasm) is that if the appeal is successful, we would have to pay a $300 copay for the first three shots and $600 for the last.

We will find out tomorrow if our medical insurance will cover the synagis. Keep your fingers crossed.

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