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Oh How He Suffers

Nigel’s life took a bad turn about 2.5 years ago when we brought home a little bundle of screaming joy.

Little does he know that these are the GOOD days. In 13 days his life is about to get a lot worse.


Taking Time to Stop and Smell the Roses

First Round of Swimming Lessons are Complete

Her number one favorite thing: jumping in the pool

Her number two favorite thing: climbing the ladder (to jump in the pool)

Her 10,546th favorite thing: being told it’s time to get out of the pool

Here she is receiving her certificate for passing the class:


Overheard while she was putting together a puzzle: “I need a hammer.”

She Enjoys A Good Lunch

My friend Jenica was babysitting Veronica while I was at work and she got to witness this creativity firsthand. This is a new sandwich entirely created by Chef Veronica. Simply layer tortillas, cucumber and cheese in a gigantic too-big-for-your-mouth tower and then eat the whole thing. Which she did. ALL OF IT.

Our Li’l Swimmer

She practices this move in the bathtub every night.

Ruffle butt.

Thanks to Grandma Mary for the pics!

A Mess A Mother Can Be Proud Of

Apparently Veronica has been getting the wrong impression when we say “look at that mess you made.”

Yesterday she tugged on my shirt and proudly proclaimed “Come look at the mess I made!” then led me by the hand to her room so I could be amazed by how good of a job she did.

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