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Bumbo Bottom

We’ve been in teething H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS. Actually, go ahead and quadruple those hockey sticks. He’s been HORRIBLE the last few days and nights. I’ve been getting up once an hour at night with him. Worse than when he was a newborn. But yesterday his tooth broke through and he has his first adorable little tooth! And then he slept all night and woke up HAPPY. So did I.

Note that in this picture, I have picked him up and yet his bumbo stays attached to his butt. I have a picture of Veronica sitting in the bumbo and her trim little legs fit nicely. This guy has to become a body contortionist just to get in and out.


RolyPoly Won’t Stop Growing

I’m putting out an APB for 9 month hand me down clothes. These fat rolls will not be ignored.

“Nocturnal” by Veronica

“Owls are awake at night. That’s when they eat. They’re not turtles. Cats like nighttime too. They see in the dark. They’re not turtles either.”

PB&J Fanatic

She can eat one pea the entire day and be satisfied, and then the next day she squirrels away FOUR peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in one sitting.

Birthday Bash

Veronica was obsessed with her birthday. For months we talked about the big day, the cake, the frosting, the presents. She made it through Christmas, New Years and then finally, it was her birthday. Let me tell you, it lived up to the expectation.

We invited our friends and family to a local gym for some tumbling.

The kids got to jump on a trampoline, swing on a giant rope, go down slides…there were quite a few jealous parents.

I don’t think we ever corralled the kids into the same area at the same time. But this was pretty close.

This guy was there too.

She got a bazillion  presents which she loves and has been playing with constantly since we got home.

Now the question is how long of a break do I get before she starts talking about her next birthday!

I’m Having a Meltdown

This is the last day for my little baby girl to be two years old. Tomorrow, the 15th, she turns THREE YEARS OLD.

Quick! How do I stop this from happening?

We Have A Scootcher

William learned how to scoot backwards yesterday! He loves doing it.

No matter where you put him on his bedroom floor he ends up getting his big behind stuck in the crib.

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