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We Need a Lock on the Refrigerator

My son may just be the most unusual person I have ever met.  This may be the strangest thing you have ever seen a child do so consider yourself forewarned.

William has been watching a lot of the cartoon My Little Pony with his sister. It’s a great show and they are both obsessed with it. William in particular likes the baby dragon character on the show named Spike. In one of the episodes Spike pours ketchup on a stuffed mouse and makes it look like a gruesome death scene. Stay with me here. Here is a screenshot of what I’m talking about:


Last night I spied Bubba going into the fridge. When I went to investigate, this is what I found:


By the way, he was wearing his black top hat at the time and is now requesting that we buy him a mustache.



Child Labor

Our house has become an art factory. We churn out art at an incredible pace.


We’re also highly specialized. We are a PONY art factory.


I think my son is peacocking.


He wears this hat everywhere. Every moment. Every day. Including bed.



How to be Interesting.



Yesterday morning Chris walked into the dining room and discovered William smearing yogurt all over his face. When asked why he was doing that, William replied, “to make myself more interesting.”

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