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I Have No Words

Ok I do have words. Just none for the title. I can’t think of anything fabulous enough to say to express how happy I am right now.

This is more Synagis talk, so I’ll try to recap quickly: RSV (lower respiratory infection which is very dangerous for babies) has a season where it is contagious: September through April. If a baby with a heart defect or lung defect gets RSV, it can potentially be life-threatening. There is a shot called Synagis that provides immunity to RSV, but each shot is only effective for one month. Therefore, in order to be fully covered, you should have the shot every month from September to April. Synagis is very hard to get–it’s extremely expensive (it starts at $1,800 a month and goes up from there) and is only given to babies who are born premature or have heart or lung defects.

(here’s a CNN article about RSV)

In our case, our insurance was not given the correct information the first time Synagis was requested. Because of that, we were denied. We have been going through an appeal process to be covered but it’s a lengthy process and we are dealing with strict time constraints here with April 3rd being the date when she needs to receive her next shot.

And here’s the amazing part:

[post snipped to protect the identity of some pretty amazing people-May 8, 2008]


Bald Beauties


Next year I Will Be 29 Again

but today I am 30.


Three Things

1) Yes I did cut my head off this picture.

2) I put the picture up so you could see how tall she is getting. I might slip some coffee into her bottle to slow this thing down. As you can see, her pants are now shorts.

3) TWO sets of man hands in one pic!


Bragging Rights

I may never be able to boast about her perfect score on the SAT, being a concert pianist or being nominated for the nobel peace prize, but I sure do have the best head holder upper.


Not a fan of the beard

Little does she know what’s coming…




A step in the right direction

Pacifiers + baby may not be anything new, but it’s a big step for us. Up till now Veronica has hated pacifiers. We were fine with that, but it’s been a struggle for me being the human pacifier for her.

Well times have changed. She now likes her pacifier! This really frees me up so I love it. Plus they are now saying that using a pacifier at night decreases the risk of SIDS.

Next up: thumbsucking.


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