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Farm Girl

Here’s some pics from a recent field trip to a farm.

farm3 farm4 farm1 farm2


Girl Scout Graduate

Veronica also finished her first year as a Girl Scout Daisy! (and you wonder why I haven’t been posting very much…)



…And Last Day of Her Front Tooth



Chris and I are so proud to now have our very own little hillbilly!


Last Day of Soccer, too

(Can you tell I’m way behind on posting pics here?)

Veronica is now finished with the spring season of Little Kickers. She has come a long way. She started out using her field time as an opportunity to win friends and influence people and ended up actually watching the ball and attempting to kick it. She even scored a goal!

One side note as you look at these pics: I promise I did send her to soccer with shorts on.

soccer5 soccer6 soccer7 soccer8 soccer9


Last Day of Kindergarten

Veronica is done with kindergarten!



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