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Thanksgiving 2009

This year for Thanksgiving, Veronica got to see her favorite people and do her favorite things.

She got to make eggs

She got to watch choo choo trains (here she is being caught mid-lunge)

and she got to show off in front of her aunts and uncles.

A perfect Thanksgiving!


Friends and Family

You have no idea how many shots it took to get everyone to sit up straight and not blink or make a funny face when I took the picture. This is the only shot they all agreed was good enough to be posted on the internet.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Her Royal Highness

It all started when Aunt Kiki gave her a tiara. Now she wants to wear clothes with ruffles and she preens in front of the mirror with her tiara on, chanting “Princess Rocca!”

22 Months

Another month has gone by and we are getting dangerously close to having a 2 year old.

Her newest obsession is eggs. Cooking with them. Cracking them. Whisking them. Pouring them by the spoonful onto the counter. She requests french toast every morning so she can help make breakfast.  Getting her to eat them is another story.

jeans 001

Progress Report

Just wanted to give you an update on how the little champ is doing.  If you saw her now you would have no idea she had open heart surgery a week ago.  She complains that her “tummy” hurts from time to time (and yes, she uses air quotes) but that’s really the worst of it.  She’s such a smartie that she’s started telling us her tummy hurts when she’s getting punished for something (which 9 times out of 10 is a crayon-related incident–she’s currently on crayon/marker/colored pencil probation).

She’s really doing just fine but we’re still keeping her somewhat quarantined for a while to make sure she doesn’t pick up a virus or get an infection. I can’t complain about not going anywhere with her since getting her out of her carseat without picking her up under the arms is quite difficult. We’ve been going on walks on some trails during the warmer weather days and she cried when we passed the playground and didn’t stop.

Baths are difficult because we only put an inch of water in the tub and have to sponge her and get her out fast so we don’t get her incision wet. She cries for “more bath please” when we take her out. She gets tylenol every 4-6 hours for pain and she probably doesn’t need it that often but she loves the taste and asks for “yummy medicine”.

We’ve been feasting like kings on the food you’ve sent over. Veronica’s favorites so far have been green beans and garlic bread. I want to say a huge thank you for your generosity and also for your impressive cooking skills!


We said goodbye to the doctors and nurses at the hospital today and we are now officially home for good.  Her lung treatments were a success and her going home orders to finish the job are to blow lots of bubbles and stay active around the house for the next 2 weeks. She does have a soft murmur, but it’s the type every other kid her age is going to have and no big deal at all. We see the cardiologist in 2 weeks for a follow up visit. She’s on 1 medication right now and should be taken off if everything is good at that visit.  I’m going to go into hibernation mode pretty soon to catch up on some sleep. It’s impossible to sleep at the hospital and even though Chris and I took turns going home to sleep, the emotional stress just wears you down even when you’re getting zzzz’s. It’s good to be home.

home 019

home 003

No Early Release

Scratch the going home early bit. We’re going to stay another 24 hours so she has a chance for her lung to reinflate before we go home. She is entirely free of wires right now and gets to run up and down the halls of the ICU. They’re just going to do some physical therapy today and we should be able to go home tomorrow morning.

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