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This is going to be uncomfortable

Yesterday at the end of the work day I noticed something in the corner of my eye. I was the only one in the office but something else was moving. And it was moving dangerously close to my feet.

This picture isn’t from across the room or in another part of the office. It’s RIGHT UNDER MY DESK.

I can never put my feet down again. I’m going to have to stand on my office chair for the rest of my working life. At least I will finally build up some good leg muscles.

In other news, here are some of my favorite cutie pics from the week.

Practicing sitting on the couch to watch Sex and the City marathons:


Standing up on pop pop

and my personal favorite, a moment of absolute terribleness:



We got our written report from the cardiologist tonight and I thought I’d share my favorite parts:

On exam, she is an alert, bright, very lean but toned infant girl in no distress. She is exceedingly active throughout the visit with a penchant to bring her feet to her mouth. The head and neck examination is negative with a modest amount of drooling.

hee! And here’s the part about surgery timing being extended to who knows when (!):

I am encouraged by her weight gain and depending upon the ongoing progress that she makes over the next few months will guide us to determine whether we would proceed with surgery likely this fall or at a later date. As we had discussed in the past, I would be somewhat surprised if she would go on to spontaneously close this defect but as in many aspects of medicine, there is never a never and there is never an always. I think we can comfortably say that she is handling this defect quite well.

But even with that glorious paragraph,this is still my favorite part:

cc: father and mother: Pierce and Rebecca

My Sweeties

I got to spend time with two of my favorite people last night:

One of them wanted to remind us that she still has her feet:

Also I have an exciting milestone announcement that will have you standing on your chair, clapping and cheering:

Veronica rolled over from her back to her tummy yesterday! And oh was she ever mad about it. Fortunately, Chris got it on tape. Stay on the edge of your seats for a while, the vid will be up one of these days.

Photoshoot Gone Bad

Veronica is smart enough to pull the cap off the watergun, but sadly surprised when the water no longer stays inside.

I bet the Sears baby photo studio never has props go awry like this.

Veej Spends the holiday with Friends and Family

First she experienced what it’s like to live the high life:

Then she gave Uncle Matt fashion accessory advice:

She was entertained by her cutey cousin Alex:

and she ended the weekend by learning some life lessons from grandpa:

Friday Fun: A Week with the Veej

Month Four, Week One

1. what the…, 2. daddy and daughter, 3. My Pillow is Purring, 4. What is this contraption?, 5. Making the Effort, 6. cuties, 7. ZOMG, 8. Why Hello, Beautiful, 9. 4.1 039

Question and Answer Time

We saw the cardiologist today. Veronica is doing so well. We’ve come a long way from those first scary days. This little girl is a trooper! Here’s the info we have from our meeting today:

Does she still need surgery?
Even though she is currently doing great, the cardiologist believes it would be extremely rare for a baby with Veronica’s type of defect to be able to skip having surgery. Doesn’t mean it can’t happen, but in his experience, she will need the surgery eventually. We just want to wait until it’s really and truly necessary.

When will she have the surgery?
We’ll be watching her weight gain as a sign of how hard her body is working. When her heart eventually works so hard that she’s not able to maintain a steady weight gain, we’ll know it’s time.

What are you doing to make sure she keeps gaining weight?
Right now she is getting an extra 2 calories per ounce with her special formula concoction (an extra 2 calories per ounce over what regular formula provides). She eats 25-30 ounces a day so that’s an extra 60 calories per day more than she would be getting otherwise. She is banking those calories and it’s adding up as extra pudge on her baby belly.

When she starts becoming more active those extra calories will be used up as her heart works harder and she’ll begin to see less improvement on her weight gain. When that happens, we will keep increasing the caloric content of her formula in order to keep her on an upward growth arc. We’ll go to 24 calorie formula, then 26, etc. As she gets more and more active we’ll see less weight gain and when we’re no longer able to match that with food intake, we’ll know it’s time to repair her heart.

Can we take a commercial break to see how long and lean she currently is?

Long & Lean

Are we talking surgery a month from now, a year from now, or when she’s sixty years old?
Up till now she’s been pretty sedentary. But now that she is entering the active stage of her life, we’ll be able to see how quickly she uses up her calories. If she starts burning those calories up immediately we may be looking at a timeframe as early as this fall. But if she continues to do well, we could be looking more at age 1-2. The next few months when she begins to crawl and move around more will tell us a lot.

What’s the next step?
We will do another weight check in 3 weeks and we’ll see the cardiologist again on her 6 month birthday.

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