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Are We Having Fun Yet?


Veronica took her first train ride at the zoo last week.  And now I have a feeling every trip to the zoo will have to involve a ride on the choo choo.



dirt 010

dirt 007

This has to be what Charles Schultz had in mind when sketching his character.Pig-pen_peanuts

Heat Wave

heat 007

From Baby to Big Girl

summer 010

summer 012

These pics are from the same day.  She’s half baby, half big girl. All cute.

She’s Not A Girly Girl

summer 028

What’s summer without a little dirt?

Summer Days


She still cries when she has to go inside. And 30% of her diet is still rocks, dirt and grass.

Baby Got a New Set of Wheels


It seems like her coordination really kicked in yesterday. Sure she still trips over everything and falls down a lot, but all of the sudden she can do things she couldn’t do 24 hours ago. She climbs on everything now and even runs a little bit. And now she has this great bike to vroom around in. Except that the manufacturer forgot a piece so the wheel is very likely to fall off at a speed greater than .00000001 mph. Fortunately right now she doesn’t go any faster than that.

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