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Unhappy Baby Weekend

Bubba celebrated Memorial Day Weekend with roseola. I’m just hoping he doesn’t try to pull this type of shenanigan on his birthday.


Standing On His Own Two Feet

He is getting closer to taking that first step. He can stand all by himself now for almost 10 seconds.

She got to eat her first hot fudge sundae. And loved it.

Where Did the Warm Weather Go?

He enjoys a good mouthful of dirt.

Hard to believe we were doing this recently!

You’d be amazed at how many hours of entertainment we’ve gotten out of this puddle.

10 Months!

The Mistro.

Bubba is 10 months old now!

And then there’s this one. All I can say is that 3 is everything people said it would be (a heck of a lot worse than 2!).

Boo Boo

I’ve never broken a bone. Chris has never broken a bone. Veronica has never broken a bone. But here comes Bubba, 9 months old, and he’s got a hairline fracture in his finger. Something tells me as he gets older he is not going to keep our streak going.


His favorite thing to do is vacuum. I think that’s why he makes so many crumbs.

And she enjoys button mashing with daddy.

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