Empty Nests

We went hunting for bird’s nests in our neighborhood. This was a huge hit.
We decided to map them for future reference.

Veronica was in charge of charting the nests.

When we walked by this truck, Veronica laughed and said, “That duck is drinking orange juice! That’s so silly. Ducks don’t drink orange juice, they drink lakes.”

So if you’re ever in our neighborhood and you need to find some nests, just stop on by and borrow our map. I’m sure it will be very helpful.


2 Responses to “Empty Nests”

  1. 1 linda@thepartnergroup.com January 11, 2012 at 12:43 pm

    Very creative and allows us to experience it with the children. Thanks. I love the vegetable plate rainbow and the pudding. I especially like Veronica’s comment about the duck and the fact that they drink lakes 🙂

    to see what we got her) :)She should be getting a birthday
    card in the mail soon.

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