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Going Green

St. Patrick’s Day poses

This guy got milk drunk so early that he couldn’t stop slobbering on himself

Moments before the Great Beard Shave-Off 2011




Like father, like son.

A Week’s Worth of Pics

Our computer died–well, that’s not the whole truth. The whole truth is that Bubba used his super strength to pull the cord from the outlet and fried it. So this is my chance to use another computer and make a blog post that’s gonna have to cover a week’s worth of material. Here we go.

The artist at work again.

Making a dent in grandpa’s knee

Pretending he knows how to drink from a cup.

They really love each other. For now.

AND IN THE BIGGEST NEWS OF THE WEEK: little William is pulling himself up to standing! And he’s even taken a few cruising steps. It’s already led to a lot of bruises and tears but he is persistent. This boy does not want to miss out on any action!

One is an Artist, The Other Eats Cat Food

All of the sudden having a baby around the house is slightly tolerable. He’s developing a personality, he’s laughing, he’s moving around, he’s making a break for the cat food every chance he gets…

And the other one? Well she is emerging into a wonderful artist.

She drew this all by herself. It’s a better family portrait than I could ever hope to make. ┬áRemind me, do they hang etch-a-sketch at the Guggenheim?

8 Months

It happened. He’s a man on the run. He’s a crawler! The last few days he has gone from putting one knee tentatively in front of the other to roaming the halls looking for something to chew.

Things are happening so fast now! He’s also said his first word in the last week. MAMA. He cries it when I try to put him down or if he catches me sneaking out of the room.

P.S. Anyone know a good pediatric allergist?

p.p.s. Like a fountain…

Any Day Now

Veronica has been giving lessons to her brother on how to crawl. He’s a slow learner but he’s starting to pick it up.

Any day now–really any minute–we’re expecting him to show off his new skills.

One small step for man, one giant knee forward for a 7 month old.

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