Synagis denied.

Got a call just now that our prescription insurance denied synagis. It sounds like they were given incomplete information though, that they weren’t told she is having heart surgery.

The doctors are trying hard to get us approved and are sending the request through our medical insurance now to see if they will cover it.

If the medical insurance denies it too, the only way to have it covered is to do an appeal process with the prescription insurance. And the best news (this is sarcasm) is that if the appeal is successful, we would have to pay a $300 copay for the first three shots and $600 for the last.

We will find out tomorrow if our medical insurance will cover the synagis. Keep your fingers crossed.


1 Response to “Synagis denied.”

  1. 1 ckuretich February 25, 2008 at 4:52 pm

    Oh my GOSH. I hate insurance, truly. I mean that isn’t a big statement there, no one loves it but I just don’t understand WHY they make it so hard for people to get covered for stuff THEY ACTUALLY NEED. I mean, denying a little teeny baby a heart surgery? denying a cancer patient his anti-nausea meds? Oh man. it’s brutal and unnecessary. I love you so much, i’m praying. let’s do a talent show fundraiser or something.

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